Traditional pastries from Sardinia's feast, very delicate and light. They were born as "the rest" of the dough used to make the traditional pastries, as cucciuleddi, sebas ecc, but after a while they had their identity. They are very tasteful and the honey used to cover them is the result of a very high selection made by Panificio Pasella.

Li Cucciuleddi e Meli are the best Honey pastries of Sardinia. They are the Sweets of the most important religious feasts as Christmas and Easter, in Gallura, during this festivity, the Cucciuleddi, were offer to the visitors in every house togheter with a glass of white wine, mainly Moscato or Vermentino.

There are some similar pastries, made with Sapa (cooked wine) or marmelade in other area of Sardinia 

The Papassini, are the pastries more famous of Sardinia.  
The Papassini produced by Panificio Pasella are made with the traditional Gallurese recipe, with a accurate selection of the ingredients. This attention in the whole phases of the production made possible the realization of a pastry tasteful and genuine.

L'acciuleddi, are small twist of pastry covered with Honey, togheter with the fritter they represent the traditional pastries of the Gallurese Carnival, The Gallura is the North Est region of the island of Sardinia. 
Sauriti a la mendula
Li sauriti a la mendula, are very tasteful small biscuits, stuffed with almond, chocolate and almond. They are not part of the Sardinia Pastry tradition. They are the result of research and selection of ingredients genuine and natural realized by the Panificio Pasella and for this reason they have conquer the taste of our customer since their debut.
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