About us

The Company, since the beginning managed by the Pasella's family, founded in 1965 in Calangianus by Maria Assunta e Gian Gaspare Pasella. For over 40 years has produced and sold the bread and the traditional pastries of Gallura, using products and working practices mainly handcrafted with highly standards of quality. Actually, with the generational change of management, the Company propose itself  within a new way, paying attention to the technological innovation, but paying much more attention to the tradition and the Quality of its products.

In fact, The mission of the company is relative to the research of the quality and the exploitation of the tastes and the traditional products, looking for the acquisition of very high standard of selected  productive input.

We can find the examples in the use of the productive input as : durum wheat from Anglona, one of the best durum wheat of Sardinia, highly appreciate for the preparation of both bread and pastries; The Honey of arbutus berry (arbutus unedo) from the mountain of Limbara, the almond nut from Tuili, the Sapa, a kind of cooked must, made since the roman time, home made with the long procedure of cooking after the grape harvest.

All this elements, took to a different way of thinking about the “product”, because, this is not anymore a mix of ingredients, but every single ingredients take part in a distinguish manner to the realization and to the building of that taste. The choice of that all it has been made thinking to the sustainability and to the traceability of the input products, to guaranty the best security and transparency to the customer. All this means that we can not produce big amount of products and that we can not produce standardize tastes.

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